Five Ways to Recognize Good Financial Advice

February 02, 2023

In a recent Washington Post story, columnist Liz Weston describes what good financial advice looks like. Her article begins, “Good financial advice can help you achieve your life goals. Bad financial advice can cost you a fortune and leave you worse off than if you had tried to go it alone.” She suggests the following criteria:

  • Good advice doesn’t promise more than it can deliver – don’t believe anyone who claims that they can successfully beat the market.
  • Good advice doesn’t promote costly solutions that are complex, opaque or illiquid.
  • Good advice isn’t free (or even cheap!)
  • Good advice shouldn’t confuse people.
  • Good advice comes from advisors who put clients first.  Look for RIA, CFP, CFA, or CPA marks.

We wholeheartedly agree with Weston’s benchmarks think her article provides a brief, good-sense list of what to look for if you’re looking for advice.  If we can help you with your search for good or better financial advice, please contact us.


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