Employee Spotlight Series: Featuring Financial Planning Director Colin Lee

September 20, 2021

At Horizon Wealth Advisors, we are committed to helping our clients through a proactive and tailored approach. As part of our fiduciary commitment, we always put our clients first by working to gain a deep understanding of each client and their unique situation so that we can be effective as both advisors and advocates. Our team is comprised of individuals from different backgrounds with a diverse set of qualifications who all share a passion for what we do.

Though we are usually working to better understand our clients, we’re turning the tables and giving others the chance to get to know us a bit more through our Employee Spotlight Series! This week we’re featuring our Partner and Director of Financial Planning, Colin Lee, who lives with his wife and three daughters in Friendswood. Colin reached 4 years at Horizon Wealth Advisors just this past August and has taken the time to share with us about both his professional career as well as his life outside of the office. Read on!

Colin’s daughters Piper, Avery, and Kennedy

What are your typical job duties and responsibilities at Horizon Wealth Advisors?

I am primarily responsible for supporting the financial planning aspects of the wealth management process. I work closely with clients to comprehensively analyze their financial situation and goals. I also spend a significant amount of time collaborating with my colleagues here at Horizon to analyze and develop client recommendations and solutions.

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

I most enjoy interacting with our clients, whether that be assisting them with both planned and unplanned life events, helping construct their financial goals, or celebrating with them when they reach significant milestones along the way. I find it all to be very rewarding.

How did you come to work for Horizon Wealth Advisors?

I knew I wanted to work for a registered investment advisor (RIA) that was very client focused and a fiduciary to their clients. After beginning my financial advisory career in San Antonio and the Texas Hill County, I began researching firms in Houston and came to know Horizon Wealth Advisors. I was very impressed with the firm’s values, level of service and the firm’s reputation and decided to join the team.

What 3 words would you use to best describe the culture at Horizon Wealth Advisors?

Clients First, Always.

What is the best career lesson you’ve learned so far?

It is extremely important to find a career you are passionate about (as I have!). Life is far too short to be in a career that you do not ultimately find fulfilling.

Fun Facts About Colin:

What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?

My family! I love taking the girls on new adventures. My wife Lindsey and I made a pact that we would keep moving, even with a newborn. Our youngest, Avery, won’t remember all of our trips, but she’s already a professional traveler! Kennedy and Piper are essential assets in getting all of our gear through the airport. They’re always the biggest helpers. They cut their teeth at Disney this past spring!


                          Colin and his family traveling                                                               Colin and his family at Disney World

Best vacation you’ve ever been on?

The most interesting trips I’ve ever been on were to Costa Rica and Iceland, two very different climates but both amazing in their own right! Here is a picture from our time in Southwest Iceland at Gullfoss Falls in the Hvítá River Canyon.


Colin and his wife in Iceland

Favorite family getaway?

My absolute favorite trips are the ones my family and I take at least twice a year to Angel Fire, New Mexico. I find it to be one of the best places to relax and unwind. In the summer, we like to escape the Houston heat and spend time golfing and four-wheeling and in the winter we go skiing in the Rocky Mountains.


                          Colin and his family in New Mexico                                                             Colin and his daughter Avery

What is one thing you have yet to cross off your bucket list?

Traveling Europe!