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As a privately owned, fee-only financial advisor, we serve our clients as a fiduciary, always placing their interests first. We develop a deep and personal understanding of our clients, which allows us to be very proactive and responsive to their unique needs. We help our clients understand, organize, and manage their often complex financial situations. Our recommendations are independent, objective, and based solely on what is best for the client.

We demonstrate our fiduciary commitment to our clients by being a member in the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), a national fee-only organization, and by adopting and endorsing the fiduciary practices recommended by the Institute for the Fiduciary Standard.

Our values

At Horizon Wealth Advisors, we truly believe that if your values are clear, your decisions are easier. Since we opened our doors in 1999, we have placed great importance on our core values, which follow:

We always do what’s right for our clients. We follow a fiduciary standard of care and service.


We give proper attention to detail and adhere to processes designed to provide the best possible advice and service.


We put our clients first. We try to do the big and small things well so that clients receive timely and responsive service.


We are committed to learning and staying current on all of the various areas that impact our clients and our advice.


We are advocates for our clients. By offering pro-active advice we help clients consider all options to ensure they meet their established goals.

Our Team

The principals of Horizon Wealth Advisors have many years of experience serving clients together. They have been assisting Houston’s high net worth with financial planning since 1985, through partner CPA firm Maddox, Thomson & Associates, P.C.

We work as a team at Horizon. Every person on our team plays a critical role in the execution and delivery of our unique wealth management process. We are experienced and committed to providing our clients with excellent advice and service.


At Horizon we put the needs of our clients first and build lasting, long-term relationships. As a boutique wealth management firm, our team members enjoy a collaborative approach on many issues while also maintaining autonomy over their own specific responsibilities.  Everyone on our team plays an important role and is expected to uphold the highest ethical and professional standards. Horizon Wealth Advisors is always seeking talented financial professionals who have a keen interest in advocating for their clients. If you are interested in employment opportunities at Horizon Wealth Advisors in Houston, Texas, please submit your resume and any additional documents in one PDF file to

Ask us a question!

Have a question but aren’t sure who or how to ask? Drop us a line and we’ll find the answers. Our recommendations are independent, objective, and based solely on what is best for you.

What it means to be a “fiduciary”

Read this ebook for a better understanding.

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