What Will You Do When You Retire?



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When our clients tell us that they are planning  to retire, we always ask, “What will you do when you retire?”  Our clients, at Horizon Advisors, are split about 50:50 between working and not working and most seem to be happy with their choice, but it’s important to think about what you will do with your time once you leave a successful, full-time, and hopefully fulfilling career.

A recent article (link) by Chip Castille of the BlackRock US Retirement Group cites a recent survey which found that 72% of upcoming retirees are planning on working in some form during retirement. While working during retirement may be necessary for some, most pre-retirees expressed a desire to continue working at least part-time to stay mentally and physically active, as well as to maintain their social connections.  Many retirees are excited about the opportunity to follow their passions; reinventing themselves or even becoming entrepreneurs. In fact, many current retirees are working in an entirely different field than they did during their pre-retirement years.  The average 65 year old today is healthier, more active, and has a greater life expectancy than previous generations, so retirement can last a long time.  Further, for married retirees thinking of hanging out at home, it’s sound advice to remember that you married “for better, for worse – but not for lunch!”

If you are thinking of retiring and exploring your options, Horizon Advisors can be a resource for thinking about what the future may hold and helping you answer the question:  “What  will you do when you retire?”  Please call us if we can help you or someone you know.

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