End of File and Suspend – Social Security Surprise in Budget Bill

The confusing prospect of filing for social security benefits just became more complicated. The recently passed Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 provided a major surprise to future retirees who were planning to use a popular planning strategy. The act puts and end to the “file and suspend” strategy for new … Read more »

Planning for Retirement? How to Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

If you are thinking about retirement, here is a great all in one chart from our friends at JP Morgan.  The chart shows that a retiree with maximum benefits who waits until they are age 70 will receive $4,488 *per month vs. $2,014 per month at age 62.  Delaying benefits results … Read more »

Long Term Benefits from Delaying Social Security Benefits

Author-blogger, Michael Kitces published a terrific article explaining the benefits and possible costs to people who choose to delay the receipt of social security benefits past their full retirement age.  Our conclusion is similar to the author’s, namely, delaying Social Security Benefits can result in significant long term benefits, with the caveat that the beneficiary … Read more »

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