Saving Taxes – Give Your IRA RMD to Charity

Did you know that you can give your IRA RMD to charity?  If you are over 70 1/2, charitably-inclined and you don’t need your annual IRA distribution, the Tax Relief Act passed in January of 2013, extended a provision allowing your required minimum distribution to be directed to charity.  The … Read more »

Larry Maddox in WSJ on Charitable Giving with IRAs

Larry Maddox, president of Horizon Advisors, contributed to an article in the Wall Street Journal on Saturday, May 26, titled “Getting Around Double Taxation.” Larry collaborated with writer Arden Dale in describing charitable gifts of IRA required minimum distributions. The article read in part, “Retirees who want to give to … Read more »

2012-2013 Contribution Limits for IRAs and Retirement Plans

With the approaching April 15th contribution deadline looming, we thought it would be a good time to remind you of the 2012 and 2013 contribution limits for IRAs and the more common defined contribution retirement plans. Horizon Wealth Advisors is a Houston based fee-only wealth management firm. Horizon is a fiduciary advisor. … Read more »

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