Behavioral Investment Mistakes – Beware of Your Instincts

Many hard-wired, fundamentally human qualities greatly interfere with our ability to act rationally when it comes to investing (and many other things).  Often our feelings and emotions can obstruct our objectivity when trying to make wise financial decisions. Much of what makes us human is our complex feelings and emotions.  … Read more »

Is Active Management Worth the Trouble?

Following a year where fewer than 20% of actively managed funds successfully beat their benchmark, many investors are wondering if active management is worth the trouble when passive funds are so inexpensive.  A recent paper titled “Is Skill Dead?” by GMO’s Neil Constable and Matt Kadnar provides evidence that active … Read more »

Owen Murray on Wall Street Journal Webcast

Watch Owen Murray, director of investments at Horizon Advisors, on a recent webcast titled “Index Funds, Active Funds or Both?”  The webcast was presented  on the Wall Street Journal’s Experts Channel. Follow the link below to watch a replay of the webcast (which aired on March 4th) and learn more about the … Read more »

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