Thoughts from our Director of Investments, Owen Murray, on this year’s market activity.

2022 has been a far cry from the positive and mostly smooth market of recent years.  A sudden negative shift in January has accelerated downward as the year has progressed.  The S&P 500 has officially entered a “bear market,” which means it crossed the -20% threshold from its January high.  … Read more »

As the Market Reaches a New High, Here are the Top 3 Questions Our Clients Are Asking

Last week the S&P 500 surpassed its previous record high, set in February, almost exactly six months ago.  This high was just before the coronavirus crisis began in earnest here in the United States.  The rebound from the March lows makes this year’s selloff the shortest bear market in history.  … Read more »

Owen Murray in article on Inflation-Protected Bonds

Owen Murray, director of investments for Horizon Advisors, was interviewed by Daisy Maxey for her Wall Street Journal article titled, “Advisers Dump TIPS as Inflation Threat Wanes.” The article reads in part, With inflation appearing a more distant threat, some financial advisers have lost their appetite for the Treasury Inflation-Protected … Read more »

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