Older than 70 ½? Making qualified charitable distributions from your IRA could save you money

Qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) from individual retirement accounts have risen in popularity.  These QCDs allow seniors older than 70 ½ to make a direct transfer to charity, rather than taking their required minimum distribution (RMD).  Gifts are allowed (up to $100,000 total) in lieu of or in addition to their … Read more »

Tax Strategy for Charitable Donations Under the New Tax Act

While we are just beginning to wrap our thoughts around the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, we are already learning some strategies for taxpayers to consider before the end of 2017.  One of the simplifications of the new act is to create much higher standard deductions for the future.  The … Read more »

Donor Advised Funds and Tax Efficient Charitable Contributions

It’s been said that most people practice “checkbook charity,” that is, writing a check when asked for a donation.  This is the simplest way to make a charitable gift but may not be the most tax-efficient.  As an alternative, many people know that they can make a contribution of stock … Read more »

Owen Murray On Charitable Planning in Wall Street Journal Article

Owen Murray, director of investments for Horizon Advisors, spoke with Jason Zweig for an article that appeared in the December 20th edition of the Wall Street Journal, titled “What ‘Petro Panic’?”.  Zweig’s article addresses portfolio adjustments in light of the recent drastic decline in oil prices as well as some other year end … Read more »

Larry Maddox in WSJ on Charitable Giving with IRAs

Larry Maddox, president of Horizon Advisors, contributed to an article in the Wall Street Journal on Saturday, May 26, titled “Getting Around Double Taxation.” Larry collaborated with writer Arden Dale in describing charitable gifts of IRA required minimum distributions. The article read in part, “Retirees who want to give to … Read more »

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