Larry Maddox in article on Tax-Debate Anxiety

Larry Maddox was interviewed by Arden Dale for her article titled,  “Guiding Clients Suffering Tax-Debate Anxiety.”

The article reads in part,

Call it tax-debate anxiety. That’s what financial advisers say many of their clients are suffering from as the White House and Congress wrangle over whether to raise taxes next year.

One way to guide people through the difficult period is to choose just the right way to talk about taxes.

Texas adviser Larry Maddox noted that a phone conversation alone won’t do for one client, an older woman anxious about appreciated stock in her portfolio. The two need to decide whether to sell certain shares now, while capital gains rates are low. Mr. Maddox will suggest to the woman that she come to his office.

“A lot of these conversations go better one-on-one than over the telephone,” said Mr. Maddox, president of Horizon Advisors, a registered investment adviser in Houston with around $200 million under management. Over the phone, he added, advisers miss important cues like facial expressions and voice tone. 

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