2014-2015 Contribution Limits for IRAs and Retirement Plans

The IRS has just released their updated contribution limits for 2015.  If you want to begin planning for your 2015 contributions or to maximize your 2014 tax deferred savings, the attached chart will give you the amounts you can contribute and any applicable income limitations for this year and next.  Click … Read more »

Long Term Benefits from Delaying Social Security Benefits

Author-blogger, Michael Kitces published a terrific article explaining the benefits and possible costs to people who choose to delay the receipt of social security benefits past their full retirement age.  Our conclusion is similar to the author’s, namely, delaying Social Security Benefits can result in significant long term benefits, with the caveat that the beneficiary … Read more »

2012-2013 Contribution Limits for IRAs and Retirement Plans

With the approaching April 15th contribution deadline looming, we thought it would be a good time to remind you of the 2012 and 2013 contribution limits for IRAs and the more common defined contribution retirement plans. Horizon Wealth Advisors is a Houston based fee-only wealth management firm. Horizon is a fiduciary advisor. … Read more »

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