Investment Management

We provide institutional investment solutions for individual investors. Using an array of financial instruments including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds we can help you build a diversified portfolio that is designed to complement your unique circumstances, goals, and objectives.

This “goal-oriented portfolio design” means that our recommended portfolio is tailored to your specific short- or long-term goals. Our disciplined, due diligence process allows us to select and monitor our recommended investment managers. We review your portfolio on a regular basis and rebalance it as necessary to keep it diversified and properly positioned.

The following are the key points of emphasis in our investment management process.

Institutional Approach
We take an institutional approach to investment management. Learn more about our approach.

Investment Selection Process
We adhere to a disciplined due diligence process that includes a thorough analysis of each manager that covers many important quantitative and qualitative factors. Learn more about our selection process.

Tax Aware Investment Management
Our goal is to maximize the after-tax returns of your portfolio. Learn more about tax aware investment management.

Independent Account Custodians
In order to provide safety and transparency, we recommend that our clients select one of two independent custodians to hold their securities. Learn more about our account custodians.