Estate Planning

Estate planning is a complicated field. At its simplest, it includes wills and necessary medical powers, and powers of attorney. From there, it can include various types of sophisticated gifting strategies involving trusts and other entities.

In estate planning, we work to ensure that your assets are passed on to the people you want to have them. We devise plans for the transition of assets so that the least amount of tax is paid and the appropriate controls are in place.

Our comprehensive analysis of your circumstances includes an evaluation of your existing estate plan to make sure that your plan is congruent with your goals and objectives. Based on this evaluation and the financial information that we have gathered and organized, we look for opportunities to refine your existing plan. In the event that changes are desired, we work closely with you and your attorney to craft a plan to achieve your objectives.

Our involvement in this process simplifies estate planning for you and provides us with a greater understanding of your plans so that we can advise you as laws change or your circumstances change in the future, making sure that your planning continues to be both efficient and effective.