Owen Murray Contributes to an Article on “Best of Breed” Stocks

Horizon’s director of investments, Owen Murray, contributed to a recent article for usnews.com.  Author Wayne Duggan explains that suggests that the term “best of breed” is used to identify the top stock in a particular sector of the market, so for example, Exxon might be considered “best of breed” in the broad energy sector.  Owen explains that ,”Finding the best stocks within a certain sector involves both quantitative and qualitative evaluation.  An analyst will carefully review the measurable aspects of the business, such as profit margins, revenue growth, financial strength and market share.”   Duggan adds, “No stocks are ever guaranteed to deliver strong returns.”  However, best of breed stocks provide an investor with an additional measure of safety, particularly in volatile times.  The article is titled, “What Makes a Stock a Best of Breed?

To read the article, click here.


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