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Important Birthdays for Your Retirement Planning

The website at has regular financial planning tips and ideas.  A recent post provides a list of important birthday milestones for retirees or soon-to-be retirees.

We don’t think these birthdays compare to the thrill of becoming old enough for … Read More

Behavioral Mistakes Investors Make – Beware of Your Instincts

We have met the enemy!

Many hard-wired, fundamentally human qualities greatly interfere with our ability to act rationally when it comes to investing (and many other things).  Often our feelings and emotions can obstruct our objectivity when trying to make wise financial decisions.

Much of … Read More

Summer 2017 Market Commentary and Outlook

The second quarter continued the stock market rally that began last fall.  Over the past year, the S&P 500 has gained an impressive 17.9%.  International stocks have also enjoyed a significant rise with the MSCI EAFE gaining 20.3% and the … Read More

Estate Planning for the Heirs to the Iron Throne

One of our tax associates at Maddox, Thomson & Associates recently completed a tour de force illustration Game of Thrones for some of the basics of estate planning.  Rachael Knapp (a CPA and CFP as well as a budding screenwriter) has created a … Read More

The Surprising Cost of a College Education

female graduate hugging her mother

It’s no secret that attending college is expensive and that education costs are rising quickly. The rate at which college expenses have increased is astonishing and many parents of young children don’t fully realize the enormous cost that lies ahead.… Read More

Consider a Review of Your Estate Planning Documents

Last Will

One of the components of our regular meetings with our clients is a review of the provisions in their estate planning documents, including wills and powers of appointment. One purpose of this review is to revisit the appointments which are … Read More

Spring 2017 Market Commentary and Outlook

The first quarter continued the stock market rally that began following the Presidential election. For the quarter, U.S. stocks advanced, with the S&P 500 returning 6.1%.  International stocks fared better, with the MSCI EAFE rising 7.3%.  Bonds also gained, with … Read More

Is More Renewable Energy In Your Future?

The answer to this question is almost certainly “Yes!”  No matter on which side of the “climate change” debate you fall, it’s clear that electric and wind power are making significant advancements in their ability to supplement or replace fossil … Read More

Creating a Road Map for Your Heirs

Road To The FutureOne of our clients recently asked that we review their “Green Binder”.  It was a simple 3-ring binder with copies of most of their important planning documents and instructions for how to find everything else and what to do after … Read More

Concerned About The Fed’s Rate Increase? Don’t Be.

Federal reserveIn a widely anticipated move, the Federal Reserve raised the fed funds rate by 0.25% this week.   The Fed last raised the fed funds rate in December of 2016 and prior to that in December 2015, when the rate rose … Read More

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