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Fall 2017 Market Commentary and Outlook

The third quarter continued the torrid pace of the global stock market rally that began last fall.  So far this year, the S&P 500 has gained an impressive 14.2%.  International stocks have also enjoyed a significant rise with the MSCI … Read More

Job Search – Client Service and Administrative Specialist

We offer a great opportunity for the right candidate who is smart, motivated, and personable. The job responsibilities include client support and operational administration in a successful wealth management business.  Interested candidates are encouraged to send their resume, along with … Read More

How to Know if Your Advisor Working in Your Best Interests

We have written before on the Department of Labor (DOL) fiduciary rule, which was proposed by the Obama administration to increase transparency and investor protection.   This rule was intended to require all investment advisors to be subject to a fiduciary … Read More

2018 Estate and Gift Tax Exclusion Limits Set to Increase

GiftingBeginning in 2018, the lifetime estate and gift tax exclusion (which is indexed for inflation) are projected to rise to $5,600,000 from $5.49 Million during 2017. This is the limit on tax-free transfers during life or at death. This means … Read More

Planning for Life Insurance Needs

Close up of Life Insurance PolicyIf you were to die and your family faced the loss of both you and your income, would they be able to get by financially?  Depending on your other financial resources, life insurance may be an important addition to a … Read More

Larry Maddox Contributes To An Article On The Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Larry Maddox contributed to an article in Financial Advisor Magazine titled, “Harvey’s Wrath Brings Out Resilience, Client Outreach From Texas Advisors.”  Co-author Chris Robbins spoke to several Houston area advisors after the storm to see what their experiences … Read More

Owen Murray Contributes To An Article On Saving for Retirement

Horizon’s director of investments, Owen Murray, contributed to a recent article for Author Wayne Duggan spoke with a number of advisors to get their opinions about how people should think about retirement savings.  In his article titled, “2 Shortcomings Read More

Challenging Choices For New Savers

Playful Kids Enjoying Piggyback Ride On ParentsOne of the challenges successful young professionals face when planning for their financial future is deciding the best ways to use their extra cash to save, invest, and pay down debts. They have worked hard and are beginning to realize … Read More

IRS Provides Extra Time for Hurricane Harvey Victims

Stormy WeatherIn a quick move, the IRS has given relief to taxpayers affected by Hurricane Harvey.  As a result of the hurricane, counties suffering from the storm have been declared disaster areas.  This qualifies taxpayers for relief from filing 2016 individual … Read More

We Are Open for Business – Despite Harvey

Some of us are flooded in or in mandatory evacuation mode from our homes, but our office is open and will remain so.  We are able to take care of our clients in the usual fashion should any need arise.  … Read More

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