Horizon Advisors Founded

Larry Maddox and Joe Thomson, founders of CPA firm Maddox, Thomson & Associates, P.C., recently launched their second joint-venture, Horizon Advisors, LLC. Horizon Advisors, LLC is a registered investment advisor (RIA) regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Larry and Joe started Horizon Advisors to provide additional services like financial planning and ongoing investment advice to its high-net worth tax clients. Like its sister firm, Horizon Advisors offers professional and objective advice in exchange for direct client consideration. Such an arrangement provides us with the freedom to provide our clients with our unbiased opinion. While Maddox, Thomson provides hourly services, Horizon Advisors fees will be based on a tiered fee structure based on assets under management.

Client assets will be held in safe-keeping by the institutional division of Boston-based Fidelity Investments. Fidelity Investments has grown tremendously over the years from its beginnings as a mutual fund company. In addition to custody of client assets, Fidelity will provide trade execution and clearing based on orders from Horizon.

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